Thursday, July 07, 2016

7/7/16 Mega jdorama round up!


I so wanted to like this WOWOW show. Three people; a yakuza, jietai member and political secretary were betrayed and then brought together so they can help each other get revenge. The writing is oh so bad I cannot begin to describe it.

Instead of being a more WOWOW style revenge show, its more like a mainstream cop show where there is a lot of posturing and trying to look cool without any regard to logic. Avoid. Seriously so disappointed in WOWOW.


The best of the bunch, which isn't saying much. Takenouchi Yutaka has gone from taxi driver to lawyer and his chemistry with Matsuyuki Yasuko is good. Its not like we get a lot of corporate law doramas.

The only thing I don't like is Yutaka's shtick of taking his badge off and saying I'm not going to talk to you as a lawyer but as a person. Three episodes in, there's no reason not to watch Good Partner but there hasn't been anything particularly good either. I'm just going to keep watching cause of the cast.


Mystery suspense show with lots of idorus who can't act based on a famous visual novel (I think). This might be so bad its watchable and I can't make sense of episode 2's ending and episode 3's preview so I'll keep watching.


Another super trashy and cheesy Hirugao style 'adult' show to kill off more brain cells. Its so bad only its targeted audience can appreciate it.

On a related note, Inagaki Goro is just a horrible actor. I have never ever seen him in anything that made me think he can act. Only for people who enjoyed Hirugao. Everyone else avoid.

HI NO KO Eps 1-5

Santamaria Yusuke is creepy guy who was once accused of murder by was found not guilty. He moves next door to the judge who freed him and befriends the family. The family members don't come across as very smart although to be fair, they all of motivations for behaving the way they do. Its just the family members are like those victims in horror movies.

They are there to do stupid things and die but no one in the family has died yet. In summary, I don't care about the family and there has not been an exciting twist yet. Small chance it might turn very exciting in the end but I can't be stuffed finding out. Meh.


I am giving up on this series for now because I really need Japanese subs for this and because I cannot stand how this dude always mumbles his freaking lines. Seriously, Japanese subs should be mandatory everytime he opens his mouth. WTF was his Japanese teacher who never taught him how to enunciate properly?


Cyberwave said...

My top 3 dramas of spring season:
1. Totto Terebi
2. Shizumanu Taiyou
3. Kiseki no Hito

For me Mitsushima's portrayal of Kuroyanagi Tetsuko is another masterpiece after her Toyama Futaba, The deeper you understand Totto Terebi's background the more you will find this show well-made.

The drama version of Shizumanu Taiyou is way more watchable than movie version. The quality of WOWOW's anniversary project is just different.

Not sure you missed out or were just uninterested in Yutori Desu ga Nani ka?, there's lots of folks highly recommending this drama. But I just can't get into it.:/

Sonna~ said...

I can't get into Yutori either. I barely lasted an episode. I'm not sure why people like that drama so much.

I think Good Partner is alright.

Akiramike said...

Cyberwave,where did you get Shizumanu Taiyo? Totto terebi was a bit hard to get into but I'll give it one more try.

Cyberwave said...


I got them from Mainland forum.They are Chinese subbed in 720P. No Japanese subtitles as always for WOWOW dramas. 8 episodes were broadcasted & 12 more to go, do you want these anyway?

4545 said...

Wow, watched the first 8 episodes of Shizumanu Taiyo and it blew my freaking mind. I did not expect a Fumo Chitai/Soratobu Taiya level of awesomeness. Can't wait to watch the remaining 12 episodes. Will probably go watch the movie version in the meantime lol.

Thanks to Cyberwave for the recommendation

Buck said...

I can never think of a day when "bad" and WOWOW would go together.
Mike what do you think of Good Partner in terms of factual accuracy? I've only watch the 1st episode and I think it's all right but all right is not enough when there're so many amazing shows I need to catch up with :).

Akiramike said...

Cyberwave, yes please provide the link. I dislike watching with Chinese subs cause its distracting and will have to watch something to cover them.

4545: If it's as awesome as Fumo Chitai or Soratobu Taiya, I'm a happy man.

Buck: Factual accuracy? I don't know about Japanese but it is similar in the West where making partner is about how much money one can pull in. For associates, the amount you bring in needs to be at least 6 times your salary. If Good Partner turns out to be good, I'll write about it.

Akiramike said...

Cyberwar, I found the stream for Shizumanu Taiyo.

Cyberwave said...


Glad to hear :) The novel for this story is long enough for a 20 Ep story and new casts are already promised in season 2 (Ep 9-20). Let's hope WOWOW manages the pacing well and not making same mistakes in movie version again.

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez
I just came by to say that Inagaki Goro is the worst worst worst "actor".
He irritates me like no other.
There, I feel better now.