Friday, July 22, 2016

Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo : anime vs jdorama vs jmovie

ANIME (2006)

Can't believe I somehow never wrote a review for the anime. Its a superbly done movie about high school angst wrapped up in an exciting time travel yarn. I absolutely love the kinetic pacing of the movie and Naka Riisa is awesome as Makoto, making her feel less anime and more real character. Must watch anime with so many layers that kids and adults will love it.

JDORAMA (2016)

WTF decided it was a great idea to spoil the big reveal within the first minute of the dorama?!! That's not actually the dorama's greatest sin. Its greatest sin is turning such a great story into a generic idoru dorama.

Its already got such a great template already with the anime. Maybe its more faithful to the original book but the dorama feels so bland. Avoid. Watch the anime instead. If you've seen the anime before, then watch it again.

JMOVIE (2010)

The movie is a lot better than the dorama and is a pseudo sequel to the anime with Naka Riisa playing the protagonist role.

Instead of a constantly rewinding time story, the movie has more in common with Back to the Future as Naka Riisa goes back in time to look for someone. With more polish to the script it could have been a real classic but I rather enjoyed it.


Watch the anime, then the movie and avoid the dorama.


Unknown said...

have you seen obayashi nobuhiko's 1983 version? that's the winner for me.

Schmokko said...

The 1983 movie is a sort of prequel to the anime. The story follows the aunt from the anime story in her school days.