Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Koekoi Eps 1+2

There are only 3 things I ask from Shoujo doramas. First, they have to be funny like Ore Monogatari, secondly eye candy for me and thirdly some sort of twist on the typical shoujo formula.

The surprising show of the new season so far, Koekoi ticks all three boxes for me and the twist is that the main dude Matsubara wears a paper bag on his head.

Not only is the idea of the paper bag guy with a good voice (apparently) funny, it can represent a lot of things and can be used to represent a character with any sort of quirk/physical difference. Speaking of voice, Matsubara's voice reminds me of the boss of this famous tsukemen place in Shinjuku called Fuunji.

He sort of uses a similar put on voice which is suppose to be yasashii for lack of an appropriate English term. Anyone who's been to Japan might notice that employees at eating places might use a softer/higher tone when speaking to customers to show servitude.

Anyway, its been a pretty funny two episodes. I hope they never ever explain Matsubara's reason for having the paper bag on his head and never show his face, though it seems unlikely. I recommend Koekoi and hope it can keep it up! 

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Sonna~ said...

I like this one too. A lot of shoujo dramas don't do very well on the live-action screen, but I'm looking forward to more episodes of this.