Tuesday, July 26, 2016

OL Desu ga, Kyabajou Hajimemashita Episode 1

Kuramochi Asuka stars in a idoru filled show about being a hostess.

She plays a 25 year old OL working in advertising agency called Nanako. Her specialties are eating, sleeping and running.

This is Nanako's boss who's specialty is banning all sorts of things. In this scene, he is banning Nanako from talking to herself.

Nanako is in dire need of money.  Her electricity has been cut off and she applies to be a kyabajou but finds out that the starting salary is not as high as she thought.

Her boss tells her how to properly sit with a poor guy to rip off I mean customer and maintain a distance as well as deal with unwanted touching.

Then we are introduced to the club's 7 goddesses.

No. 1 being Ishikawa Rika from Momusu!!!!! Me so happy me doing dance of joy!! WTF is Yossie?

Let's skip no 2 and go straight to no 3 Mari who apparently has the biggest boobs.

No 4 Kyouka who I'm 100% is an idoru.

No 5 Megumi.

Let's skip no 6 and go straight for no. 7 Kazumi.

So Nanako is a complete newbie so the show has to explain what shimei (nominate) is and what a help's job is.

No. 4 Kyouka is asked by this customer what colour underwear she was wearing.

Kyouka skillfully asks him what his favourite colour is and promises to wear that colour next time he nominates her.

Kyouka has to leave and horny dude turns his attention to the newbie Nanako promising to nominate her if she gives her a kiss.

Rika skillfully comes in to save the day.

OL Desu ga, Kyabajou Hajimemashita basically functions as a hostess instruction video done in an entertaining fashion. The raws for the first three episodes can be found on nyaa. Its not so bad its good like Giragira but its fun. There needs to be a jdorama about the skills to not get ripped off by kyabakura.

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