Monday, July 04, 2016

Berserk (2016) Episode 1

OMFG. Sometimes when you wish for something long enough, it will come true. Last year was the Shenmue 3 announcement and this year it's the arrival of the Berserk anime and Miura finally released a chapter!


+ We finally have an anime pass the Golden Age story! I was hoping the anime movies will be successful enough to warrant a fourth movie but I've been waiting for this since I first saw the 1997 series on videotape!

+ Its violent Berserk in all its ugly glory.

+ Puck is in it, a character that was omitted from the original anime.


= The 3D can look very stiff at times but I understand that Berserk doesn't have the budget of a harem anime so I'm all for using the budget as effectively as possible,

= They skipped the Lost Children story which was grotesque and scary but I can understand that it might be less appealing to casual watchers.


- The opening and ending just really cannot hold a candle to the classic 1997 anime. They should just reuse them.


If you've never heard of Berserk, watch the anime and read the manga and be prepared for the biggest WTF of your life. For fans, we can only keep our finger crossed that the anime will continue all the way and the Musou game will be decent.



Remember that yakiniku karubi episode from Kodoku no Gureme in season 2? I had forgotten all over it though I did eat yakinuku karubi in Japan. Which looking for news about Nakano closing, I found this link to the actual place, called Heiwaen! Its actually close to Numabukuro which I've been before for Muteppou tonkotsu ramen.

Scroll down on the first link for the actual map and note that it closes on Monday and Thursday.

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dgundam said...

been waiting for a berserk anime after the golden age as well. did not like cg but beggars cant be choosers. and ya ur right about the dropping that arc. i just wish muira finished berserk manga before he dies. its already been going since 1989 and i think it still has a long way to go before ending well. ive been meaning to buy the whole manga series but at 18$ a pop its so damn expensive.
i dont think the game will be good. dynasty warriors type games are always terrible storywise and gameplay get repetitively boring. hes to hoping they give the manga justice.