Saturday, April 09, 2016

Suteki na Sen Taxi Special

Suteki na Sen Taxi was one of the most memorable shows from 2014. It showed that Bakarythm truly is a gifted writer.

Takenouchi Yukata is back again as Edawakare, the driver of the time travelling taxi

The 2 hour special is really 3 interconnected episodes in 1 featuring multiple characters set in an onsen.

I took a break from watching before the final story because it sort of got samey.

Nevertheless, Suteki na Sen Taxi Special is still pretty funny and I love how all the stories converge at the end. Bakarythm knows how to right feel good humour without it feeling same old same old.

Very watchable for me and I highly recommend it. You can find the raw by googling SENTAXI SP2016 720p x265-ER. If Bakarythm does not have enough material for another season, I'd rather he do a short 3 or 4 episode series instead of a special because there are only so many times you can do Edawakare explaining time travel.

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Himono_otoko said...

great review... i also love the series...
i can't watch this SP because i can't find the sub everywhere.. :(