Saturday, April 23, 2016

Kakko no Tamago Dare no Mono Episodes 1-4

Kakko No Tamago Dare no Mono is a Higashino Keigo story about genetics. Tsuchiya Tao is a promising skier like her father and is found to possess the genes for it. Mano Erina resents Tsuchiya Tao's success because of her genetics and the company that sponsors Tsuchiya Tao is is using her as research to find a way to identify this atheletes. For a story about genetics, you can pretty much guess what the twist is going to be but its been quiet entertaining with episodes 3 and 4.

However, I was tempted to stop after episode 1 because I had a few problems with the show. I can accept the story about the special genetic pattern for particular sports thing, but what I didn't like was the casting because non of the actors looked like freaking athletes. What kept me watching is that there doesn't seem to be any new subbed doramas worth watching and everything I have on my to watch list is WOWOW stuff.

I don't know anything about skiing but I'm pretty sure its not a sport like baseball where out of shape people can be pros. It becomes obvious during the stunt shots where you can see the legs of the real skiers versus the skinny actors.

Yeah, Hitsushima Hikari didn't look like a boxer for Oyaji no Senaka but that was more a character story while Kakko no Tamago is more about the twist and mystery. And I hate the guy with the air guitar. He's got an interesting story arc but the constant air guitaring just makes him pretentious.

Once, the mystery got going Kakko no Tamago got more interesting and its not as simple as I thought it would be, which is a good thing. After all its a Higashi Keigo story. I just wish the characters were written better.

At best, Kakko no Tamago Dare no Mono is an ok mystery dorama with bad casting and at worst I will spend 6 episodes looking at super skinny Mano Erina and Tsuchiya Tao. You can find the raws by googling Kakkou EP01 720p HDTV x265-ER. Episode 4 is only watchable by stream only.


Buck said...

You'll always be my go-to Japanese drama blogger since you said everything that I wanted to say. I like the theme of nature versus nurture, but all of the so-called elite skiers in the show look so unfit that it's hard to take it seriously. And I never get the hype over Tao Tsuchiya, not to mention that the show doesn't have a single emotional outstanding scene with interesting human dynamics. This season is an embarrassing drought for Jdramaland.

dgundam said...

i was pretty sure you started watching this only because of mano erina :P

on another note, ive only ever watched tsuchiya tao in mare (hard to judge acting in asadoras since it was pretty light) and mayonnaka on pan (that was more for hideakis vehicle). have you seen her in other dramas? how would you rate her acting?

Cyberwave said...

Yutori Desu ga Nani Ka looks promising for 1st episode. At least it's not the horseplay as Kudo's previous work Gomenne Seishun. You will like Jūhan Shuttai! if you enjoyed the comic Bakuman or movie The Great Passage. I stopped after 2nd Ep nevertheless because of Kuroki Haru :/

ciromobile said...

@Buck and dgundam: She is decent in Suzuki Sensei series though. Nonetheless I agree there are many more actresses at her age group that are better than her.

Akiramike said...

@dgundam Do watch Suzuki sensei if you haven't. She's just a pretty face but the other kids in Suzuki sensei were really good.

@cyberwave ; Thanks for your recommendations and I did enjoy The Great Passage.

Buck said...

@Ciromobile: I was more impressed by other kids in Suzuki Sensei than Tao. I've watched her in every TV drama and I think of her as another Haru, pretty, charming and decent in their acting abilities.
@Cyberwave: Juhan Shuttai is OK, but I'm not tempted to watch the third episode with Kuroki's perky, one-dimensional Asadora character. Yami no Bansosha is a totally different beast, but that one really makes my appreciation for manga go through the roof.

ciromobile said...

@Buck: Decent doesn't mean stand out anyway, because Suzuki's ensemble as a whole is so great for one that showcasing young talents.

Seeing in My Side said...

Tsuchiya Tao's role rhat impressed me is on Limit but she's not the main role anyway
But i believe that she's one of the most promising young actress right now