Friday, April 15, 2016

Nipponbashi Street Festa 201 Part 4

Its time for my final batch of pictures from the Nipponbashi Street Festa. Cardcaptor Sakura!! So kawaiiii~~~~~.
Left Chun Li or right Chun Li?
I believe she is from Persona.

Not getting my hopes up for Suicide Squad.
Mio-chan!!!!! I don't remember seeing any Azunyans. :(

Absolutely no idea but I'm 99% sure its a harem anime.
Ranma, I think?
The white hair girl is cute.
Sailor.... something. Its been a while since I watched the Sailor Moon dorama.
 Might be 3DS game? Maybe?

Triple chobits?
Madoka and evil Homura.


The machinegun could actually rotate.

Overhead people saying that she's a famous cosplayer.

Misa from Death Note.

I like the other SOA female cosplayer taking the picture on the right purposely asked her to pose like that.

Pretty sure Love Live.
The black hair one is cute. Love Live?

Senbon Zakura, yoru ni magire.....

Nico Nico Niiii!


Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
Long time no see, Mike-san. Great pics. I was sooo born in the wrong place. Had I been born in Japan instead of North America, I may have been lucky enough to hear "kawaii" once in a while, instead of "short, short build a fort", "shrimpy", or my personal fave, "grandma"(?!?).
On a more serious note, I'm thinking of you during this tough time in Kumamoto. I hope everyone you know is unharmed and stays safe.

dgundam said...

! i just realized my brain has been registering your name wrong rootabega! in my head i kept on thinking robotega.

lol was the grandma said in jest or was an insult? they would probably call women middle aged in japan obasan as an insult as well.

im betting a lot of people reading mikes blog share the same sentiment of being born in the wrong place.

fidelxxx said...

Those unknown "harem anime" characters are Kashima and Katori from Kantai Collection (KanColle) game.

Akiramike said...

Rootabega - There are plenty of people who appreciate small and cute instead of long and skinny, just a lot less in English speaking countries. Kumamoto has been on my mind the past two days and the people I know in Kyushu are fine.

dgundam - If I had been born in Japan, I might be more into Western stuff.

fidelxx - Kancolle isn't a harem anime, isn't it since there's no generic male protagonist. I wonder what's the term for all female character animes? Ownerless harem?

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
I was called "grandma" when I was ten years old by the mean boys. My best guess is that they thought I was no fun and really short. Humph;)
That was so long ago, now I am into middle-aged territory. I was called "oneesan" on my last trip. "Obaasan" could take its place the next time around.

Glad to hear everyone is OK, I hope this is the last of the big quakes. Your description of Kumamoto-shi makes it sound like my kind of place, like it's friendly and still has character.
Yeah, you're right, ya gotta go to where the love is...;)