Monday, April 25, 2016


Monsterz came out last year and I read bad things about it. Saw it on a public tracker and thought why the hell not, at least its by Nakata Hideo who made Ring and Dark Water. Turns out Monsterz is pretty much a waste of time.

The premise is interesting, its basically evil Professor X with his mind control powers vs Bruce Willis from Unbreakable who is the only person who is immune from his mind control powers. I would say Monsterz suffers from the same sickness that most Japanese action movies do, trying to make things look cool without thinking about why.

Like Fujiwara Tatsuya constantly freezing a whole bunch of people without worrying about passer-bys noticing. This is freaking Tokyo FFS not some small town. Someone just thought wouldn't it be cool to have 50 extras freeze in their steps?

To illustrate how stupid the script is, let's look at one stupid scene at the end where this police dude has a gun to Fujiwara's head. Anyone mind controlled by Fujiwara doesn't remember what they did but he has left a trail of people who killed themselves by twisting their own head since he was a kid. He gets some to take money from a bank and give it to him directly outside said bank and we can assume he's done this many times. I wonder what are the chances there would be security cameras not just in but outside the bank?

So this cop who knows the extent of Fujiwara's powers wastes time to ask him how come the stupid police don't know about his crimes? FFS its not like Fujiwara's character is some smart person who just pulls strings from the shadows to give himself a great life. The whole purpose of that stupid cop scene was to shoehorn this X-Men evolution of species crap speech which no one watching this movie cares about.

He is a stupid ass, petulant child using his powers willy nilly and the movie expects us to believe the cops have no idea. Speaking of the cops, their stupidity knows no bounds. I could go on and on but there are too many stupid things in Monsterz. One or two jumps in logic, here and there, I can go with the flow of the story. When alarm bells go off all over the movie, its just tragic. Avoid unless you enjoy watching bad movies and find how stupid they are amusing.

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