Thursday, April 28, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

Edit: Forgot to include these awesome world building videos:

The airport scene is as good as the reviews say. Pure comicbook joy. I couldn't stop grinning ear to ear. I love how the trailer doesn't spoil the money shots. So weird seeing Spidey interacting with everyone. The only minus is that Vision, being such a powerful character is surprisingly absent for a lot of that fight.

I'm glad we got more Cap and Winter Soldier Jason Bourne action. The fight down the stairs was fun. The thing that left the biggest impression is hot Aunt May played by Marisa Tomei who doesn't look close to 51. You know why Downey is going to be in Spiderman and we all know Tony Stark likes to upgrade.

Also, Cap's mom is not called Martha. Very fun, satisfying almost must watch. The Russo Bros did a good job cramming in so many characters but keeping it a Cap film.


Aarrrr said...

Wondering why they'd cast a young looking (and hot) Aunt May, I went to google Marisa Tomei's age right after the movie and almost fell out of my seat.

dgundam said...

as someone who read the civil war comic miniseries way back and hated it, would i like this movie?
is cap still the squish he is in not wanting to hurt iron mans side? is stark still an annoying prick like in the comics?
im assuming it ended like the comics with cap 'dead'?

Akiramike said...

dgundam - Its a lot better then the comics. The plan makes sense with some small hops in logic required similarly to The Dark Knight and its emotionally satisfying. Stark is always an annoying prick who thinks he knows better. That's what makes his interesting.