Friday, April 01, 2016

Otousan to yobasete kudasai

I need to take a break from posting Japan pictures because it just makes my depression even worse. Anyway, the best thing that Otousan to yobasete kudasai was going for it is the cast. Endo Kenichi and Watabe Atsuro could have easily swapped roles (I would have loved to see a body swap episode. Imagine Watabe Atsuro in Endo Kenichi's body trying to be an asshole to his daughter to make them break up) and I would always give anything that Renbutsu Misako did a try.

However the writing is very, very pedestrian. There are some very funny moments but having watched so many family problem jdoramas, Otousan to yobasete kudasai just feels so derivative. There were a lot of times I kept thinking how much better Tamura Masakazu's Oyaji is.

I watched until the end for the talent but the writing just makes it forgettable. If you like the talent involved like I do, no harm watching but don't expect anything special. Meh.


Buck said...

Agree with everything you said. The first ep is entertaining, but not enough to hold attention. Watched ep 2 and decided that this is a show about great actors trapped in contrived, pedestrian writing.

Sonna~ said...

I tried the first ep -- watched half and FF through to the end. Was a bit blah for me.

Have you ever played Dangan Ronpa?

Akiramike said...

Dangan Ronpa is on my long list of games to play along with 999 and Zero Escape.