Monday, April 04, 2016

Naomi to Kanako Eps 7-10

I rather enjoyed the first half of this matricide jdorama, the second half where the cover up starts unravelling, not so much. The tension isn't there, and the director tries way too hard to manufacture it. For example, the scene with the old lady togather Hirosue Ryoko and the investigators. Anyone with a brain knew it was way to early for things to go wrong yet the show keeps doing long dramatic pauses everytime the old lady is asked to remember something.

I really lost patience with the body double coming back to Japan story. I hate really stupid characters doing things just for plot purposes. I was hoping it would lead to some interesting storyline development but the second half its pretty much straightforward and boring. Another meh show. Now I need to figure out what to watch next and I need something that's really, really good.

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Buck said...

I wonder what you'll have to say about this spring season since I've seen all craps and not a remotely watchable show. Recently watched Sekai Ichiban Muzukashii Koi and thought that you really have to become the Minister of Common Sense in Japan.