Monday, April 18, 2016

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) spoilers

I just watched the movie last month and I enjoyed most of it except for the second half which just felt rushed. I wanted to see whether the anime would fix the ending and I found myself being impressed by how much the of the anime of movie managed to cram into its runtime.


In the movie, Fujinuma gets thrown of the bridge and he somehow survives ending up in the present, running into the killer on a rooftop (not the school, I think it was the bad guy's office or something), getting stabbed and dying. It was very unsatisfying. Not the dying part, just the way there was no build up.

In the movie, he drowns in a car and ends up in a coma for 15 years and wakes up as a kid in an adults body which was the opposite for most of the story. Good thing the memory loss thing didn't last long but they could have done some interesting things with it.

The anime moves very fast to a resolution where the Yashiro is entrap for attempted murder but it was done in a way that doesn't make sense cause Fujinuma wheeled himself off in the first place. How do you prove that in a court of law? Yashiro could have said Fujinuma tried to commit suicide and he tried to save him. It just seems like a cop out ending.

The anime also has this added point about how the Yashiro has not commited any crimes since Fujinuma was in a coma because he needed him to provide motivation. Gee, he never killed any kids before Fujinuma caught his scent? Maybe I'm confusing the anime with the movie because in the movie he had committed similar crimes before. Its just a lame attempt at the Batman and Joker I made you and you made me thing.

The ending should be all the friends who are now adults and who have been buying their time, doing a 20th Century Boys mission to expose this powerful politician with maybe some heavy costs. This story needs that Kenji gathering all this friends to save the world feel.

I had a quick look at Volume 7 of the manga. Looks like the anime and movie had the problems with creating an ending for a manga that had not yet ended and both went the quick, easy and not so satisfying route. In a sense, it can't be helped and they should have waited for the manga to finish first but I'm pretty sure we're going to get an animated movie with the true ending down the line.

Oh yeah, I didn't like how super stereotypical cooldere Kayo was. She felt way too adult compared to the movie.

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