Sunday, April 17, 2016

Kumamoto Earthquake

Woke up on Saturday to find out that Kumamoto had been struck by a second earthquake measuring 7.3. Kumamoto is my favourite city in Kyushu because its a lot cheaper than Fukuoka and the drinking places open until morning.

I contacted Asami who runs her own bar in Kumamoto yesterday and she had spend the whole morning with her employees at a park after. Shinkansen are not running and the airport and highway are closed so there's no way out. It got me thinking I could have been stuck in Kyushu for a week or two since I go there so often. (Just enter Kumamoto into the search bar for plenty of pictures)

There's suppose to be another aftershock sometime next week so she may close shop for a whole week, not to mention the place is already a mess. No point cleaning up now if everything is just going to fall over again.

Hopefully the aftershock is a mild one and there are no more casualties. Ganbatte Kumamoto! 頑張って熊本!


Buck said...

Hopefully there'll be no more earthquakes. Reading your blog, Kyushu seems to be a lovely place with plenty of character

Sonna~ said...

Ganbatte Kumamoto! One of my first penpals from Japan-guide was from there, back in 1999/2000.

Buck said...

I'v been wonder for a while: Do people still have a pen pal? That's something I miss out from the 1990s/early 2000 era.