Saturday, June 18, 2011

My new wardrobe from Japan

Probably my favourite shirt. Got it from Kotobukiya Akiba.

Can't believe I found a Sega Saturn shirt! Too bad black had no LL size. Got it from Cospa in Akiba. The shop is a bit hard to find but it so worth it.

So happy I got a Berserk shirt. Why don't they have a Berserk shirt featuring the main character though?

The back of a Ryu ga gotoku shirt I got from Don Quixote Akiba.

Nice shirt with tiger and dragon print.

The kanji says hi asobi meaning playing with fire.

The kanji is shugou which means heavy drinker.

Kiryu Kazuma shirt but unfortunately there's no XL size.

Its so fucking small for an L shirt that its so tight around the t-shirt sleeves and I don't have any biceps.

I kinda regret not getting the Kuroneko shirt to go with this. I probably wanted this more cause of the 'she likes, anime game and meruru' line. Hope I can still find a Kuroneko short when next I go.

Front of my K-on windbreaker.

I had a choice between this or a Yui hoodie. I already have a nice Sega hoodie so decided to get this instead. Not included in this post are two gundam, Scandal and Mano Erina shirts I already showed in previous posts. Next post will be the rest of the goodies from Japan.


Jung said...

Let me know how the Erina Mano towel defiling ceremony goes.

Love that Neet shirt. lol

Akiramike said...

That's between me and Mano Erina's towel.