Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Day 6 Osaka/Fukushima - pictures speak louder than words.

Rei get your arse to Osaka. This is what you are missing!

With birthday girl Megumi. She just turned 20. Dunno why picture quality was like this but I`m guessing its the horrible zoom on the Galaxy S.

Group shot at snack Gift.

Walking from Fukushima to Osaka.

Some temple I ran across while trying to find my way to Higashi-dori in Osaka.

This meal was call volume lunch. Whooo. I can read katakana!

Picture from Namba.

Took me a while that this is the place Osaka was based on in Ryu ga gotoku 2.

Sort of had a quick look at the map of Club Sega Avion. I only knew that it was close to Namba station but didn`t realise it wasn`t the JR Namba station. That`s how smart I am. Did the whole random walking around trying to find a needle in a haystack. I was thinking how stupid I was for wasting my time walking around Namba with the possibility of not finding the arcade. The only thing I could think of was to go where there were plenty of lights. Finally saw the sign of a Taito arcade and what do you know, there was Sega Avion next to it! And to think that I thought finding a Sega sign wouldn`t be so hard.

Anyway, saw my first grandmaster, he was a GM Gouki player with the name starting with Gouki. Didn`t challenge him cause I had trouble with AA Dudleys and a Juri player. There was a Ryu player who used ultra 2 and was outfootsying me like crazy. The thing is, I am 99% sure he was sandbagging cause he hardly used fadc and I felt like he could easily destroy me. Basically I won him a few times because it seemed to me that I was either testing stuff or he wanted to see if he could win with one hand tied behind his back. Wanted to ask him why he was playing around but decided it would be too difficult. Besides he would be fighting someone else.

Sega Avion had 8 viewflix cabinets and it was awesome. 6 were designated for A level players and above and two for beginners but it didn`t matter. I feel like such a noob playing against A levels. Gah. Managed to gain around 1k points but mostly against cardless players. Really enjoyed the variety of characters used. There were A level T.Hawks, 2 Dudleys, Yang, 2 Hondas, Rose and cardless but good Juri and Ryu.

Oh yeah, found out the boss of the old bar my friends and I went to last year is opening in Juso in July.


Jung said...

I think he was just afraid you might be Chinese gangster lmao

Anonymous said...

Yo Mike.. Dun forget my unique limitted eddition psp pouch =P btw why do u look like u know those ppl?

Akiramike said...

You should know that drinking is a good way to make friends.