Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 16 - Back in Osaka

Nothing starts your day like yakiniku from Matsuya.

Goodbye Tokyo, I shall be back!

Got to Osaka station and saw something interesting. It was weird how when I got to Osaka I had this sense of unfamiliarity. I was running around Osaka last week and now I wasn`t even sure what line to take to Fukushima.

Its time to check out Pokemon Centre Osaka! For those who never heard of Pokemon, its the story about this evil boy called Satoshi/Ash who kidnaps innocent animals and forces them to fight for his amusements.

Instead of complaining about Japanese killing whales, the WWF should campaign against a tv show where the hero locks up animals in small jails called pokeballs and uses them for his violent amusement.

If anyone in Melbourne wants pokemon t-shirts or caps, let me know.

Picture of an actual cooking school where all the young wives gather to learn how to cook, lol. Sorry for poor quality but I did the walk past pretending to check something on phone thing. Maybe I should enroll for a class myself.

Tower at the end of the shopping district past Den Den town/Nipponbashi

Another view of the tower. It was strangely quiet being Friday evening and all.

Love Hotel outside Namba station. Forgot to type the directions to Club Sega Avion in Namba during my last post. Basically get out at Namba station north exit and turn right. You`ll be walking on top of Namba walk.

Keep walking until you see this and Aeion pachinko on the right. Turn right.

Keep walking until you see this station.

Turn left, then right and keep walking towards the Taito game centre in the picture. You can`t miss Club Sega. There was a AA Oni and A Yun there. Decided to forgo my card because I was sure I would lose and WTF I somehow beat Oni. Goddamit, that would have been a lot of points. All the effort for nothing. At last I learnt random rolling works against Oni spamming that demon palm. Then lost to the A Yun. Gah, wanted revenge and then lost to a cardless Sagat because I was too impatient. Went for dinner, came back and this cardless Dictator was on a 7 game winning streak against the AA Oni.

Walking around Nipponbashi and was thinking about going to a maid cafe. Came across this bar with no hourly charge and two cute girls in maid costumes! The menu had omurice for 1000 yen and beer for 600 yen. Unfortunately, it was not yet opening time.

Oh well back to Snack Gift. The best talking girl was not there and the English speaking one was not working this week. Gah. But met this very cute 19 year old girl studying hairdressing. Why I cannot for the life of me remember her name is embarrassing. Met another patron of the snack who has actually been to my freaking hometown. Its funny meeting a Japanese who knows about my small town in Borneo. Big day tomorrow, gotta get some sleep. I have spent so much money on snacks I dare not calculate the total cost.


Aarrrr said...

Get me the coolest Charizard tshirt pls

Akiramike said...

Squirtle pawn Charizard 7-3.