Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 15 - Ryu ga Gotoku Of the End release day!

Saw this in front of Yodobashi Akiba and the first thing that pops in my head is isn`t the game out tomorrow? I remember checking and thinking that it was unfortunate I would have to be in Osaka that day cause I think Nagoshi came to Yodobashi Akiba for the launch. I first assumed it to be a preorder event thing.

When I went closer I realised that the line was for buying the game! And you even get to do that spinning thing with the small balls afterwards to get a prize!

Unfortunately, I got this plastic sleeve thing which I have no idea what its supposed to be used for.

The game and ganbarou nippon stickers which was mentioned at Andriasang. Probably the thing I`m most looking forward to his Majima`s karaoke.

A  freaking cd of the karaoke songs! I doubt very much they are full songs though. Saves me ripping the songs from youtube for my mp3 player.

Wait, wtf is Haruka`s Change Myself and Summer Memories?????!! Wait, they`ve got a full version of Get to the top? Actually the songs probably won`t sound as good without Kiryu`s L O V E Haruka! H A R U K A Haruka! and all the oi oi oi.

Went to the Yodobashi food court and tried looking for this ramen place I went with Rei last year but couldn`t find it. Might have been at Yodobashi Osaka. Came across this place called Pepper Lunch and 1000 yen for 300 grams of wild juicy steak with rice!!!!!!!!

Instructions on how to prepare the food.

Basically it came to me on this sizzling plate and I had to put the butter on it, turn it over and wait for it to cook. The dude next to me folded his instructions over the food to cover the smoke and I did the same..

Wait for it to be cooked, put in some sweet/chilly sauce, sprinkle lots of pepper and there you have a very very delicious lunch. Bloody hell, why did it take me so long to discover Pepper Lunch?! Guess where I went for dinner? Yup, Pepper Lunch in a lane in Akiba for the beef pepper rice. Its not as filling but its 780 yen 1000 yen for wild juicy steak. The most filling cheap meal is still Matsuya`s pork bara something for 880 yen.

Flowers and water bottles for the victims of the Akiba incident some years back.

Huge crowd at Akiba gamers for some sort of flyer hand out. Oh yeah, saw this handshake/signing event at Ishimaru with a real cute chick who I assume is some seiyuu. Unfortunately there were a few scary looking dudes looking around so I`m pretty sure I would have gotten into trouble if I had pulled out my phone.

VF and Tekken machines at Club Sega. Tried out VF5 Final Showdown for the first time and OMG, it is even more different than VF5R from VF5. Standing throws must end with f/b/neutral P+G and all low throws df/d/dbP+G. Have they actually removed Jeffrey`s signature splash mountain? Managed to get out his toe kick into splash mountain though. They`ve really changed the way crumple works and the removed auto button attacks after a long dodge is so weird. At least Sega is serious about balancing this game unlike those people at Capcom who are trying to fit a square peg into a circular hole with SFxT.

The characters of Aquapazza, this fighting game testing at Hey Akiba. It features Arawn and a few girls from Tears to Tiara as well as chicks from To Heart and various games/anime I have not heard of.

No surprise that no one actually chose Arawn cause such a stupid name.


Rei said...

Dude, go back Malaysia or Singapore sometime. Pepper Lunch is like McDonalds there lol

Akiramike said...

Pepper Lunch available in Malaysia? I have been away a long time. Its not available in Melbourne so I`m going to enjoy it as much as I can.