Thursday, June 02, 2011

Day 7 - Back in Yokkaichi

Nozomi looks really bad in this picture. Please see picture two posts down for reference. I blame it on bframe5`s HTC phone camera.

Singing watarasebashi with mama-san. She`s got an awesome voice.

Singing Sharan Q`s Single Bed.

No way I`m touching those green stuff.

Mama and Kaori.

The mama of the second snack that we went to is on my right and trust me when I say she is idoru hot. Lesson for the night 5mp cameras make beautiful women look bad.

Tsukemen for lunch. Not very good but it had a lot of noodles and for only 800 yen!

Sushin for dinner.

Here`s something interesting for all you Trick fans, the actual Ueda Jiro book from the movie! If you`re not a fan of Trick, that means you haven`t seen it.

Picture from one of the pages.

And I finally to sing Poison from GTO. A bit too fast at times for my slow hiragana skills but oh well. Tonight is going to be a monumental day in my life. :)


Will said...

Miko! Your room's contents have been stolen!! What to do??

Aarrrr said...

Oei shhhhh!

Akiramike said...

Since you got my stuff Will, I expect Mikaela to be able to fadc before I get back.

And the Japanese girls call me Ma-i-ke-ru. Get your Engrisu right.