Saturday, June 04, 2011

Day 9 - Ikebukuro Safari Arcade

Forgot to write a big thank you to bframe5 for going out of his way to make my stay in Yokkaichi an awesome experience. Back to Tokyo and bloody tired but it`ll be a waste of time to sleep my day away in Japan. So what to do but have a late lunch in Akiba and seek out Ikebukuro Safari Arcade.

To get to Safari game centre, do the following:

1) Take the Yamanote line or whatever line to Ikebukuro station.

2) Take the East exit. Ignore all other East exits, just look for the normal one.

3) Turn left at East exit.

4) Cross the road. There will be a McDonalds in front of you.

5) Turn right at the next intersection and the road will fork into two. Follow the right path and Safari is on your right just next to a pachinko parlour.

Recognise the guy in the middle? Yup its Daigo. Sacrificed 50 yen just to say I fought Daigo and it was complete ownage.

Mago 2D god was there as well.

Temjin from Virtual On.

Rabubu purasu. Hhhmmm.

Bough the album from Kana singing in front of Ikebukuro Station. I like chicks with guitars. :)

If she becomes famous this will be worth a lot. Fark, she can sing better than anyone in AKB48.

Random street fighter notes:

- Managed to get 10,000 points and B rank thanks to a AAA+ Sagat I managed to beat twice in a row before he figured out my Abel and killed me in 3rd game. I ended up with slightly less than 10 points at the end so I might be back to CCC+

- I have no idea how to fight Yun and Yang. Bloody stupid godlike divekicks and 3 frame normals make Rufus look like the most balanced character ever.

- There are 8 machines but its very hard to choose who you want to fight. Even after Daigo`s opponent loses and you put in your coin straight away, no guarantee you`re gonna get Daigo.

- Fought a very guerilla warefare AAA Akuma and I have no idea what to do except just stand around. Slowly pushing him to the wall doesn`t work cause he has so many ways to get out. So used to Akuma`s going crazy trying to get in.

- I seriously need to fight B level Yun/Yang/Cammy/Fei to figure out what to do. Or go stalk Nekojita/AC Revenger/Shiro (if he still plays Abel) and watch how they fight various characters.

- Yang`s bloody hitbox is so small that Abel option select tech throw + C.HP doesn`t work.The fact that he has so much control on his dive kick is insane.

- The way Japanese play at arcades is that after they lose they`ll take one or two steps away, see if anyone pops in a coin and if not, they put in theirs. Nearly no one was putting in coins when Daigo lost. That middle machine is like Daigo`s special machine.

- I wish Daigo still played Ryu. Yun is too bullshit. Crazy ambigious crossups on wake up. Even if you guess right, you still have to guess where he lands. Ability to combo into EX qcfP from any normal and then into ultra. Sounds as cheap as a certain Japanese schoolgirl.

- Sagat`s vertical jump mk (I think) beats Abel`s sHP after a step kick-low tech. Gah.

- A level Ibukis never miss the link after an overhead. They love doing the rdp kick into super because its pretty safe on block. If the opponent jumps after blocking the kick, they just super.

- Most used character is actually Yang. There was a Zangief winning a few games with ultra 2. Eg, EX burning hand, ultra 2 jumps/backdash. Gief`s lariat doesn`t work on Yun`s dive kick on wake up, I think. Or it could be just the Daigo effect.

- I curse Ono for screwing up the most balanced SF game ever and trying to turn it into SF3, yawn strike. I should boycott AE on my xbox until Capcom releases a patch that changes the game from SF4 safe dive kick fest.

- Mago was going, clk, clp, slp, chk combo into safe jump.

- Akuma has a stupid set up for a jump lk on wake up in the corner that bloody looks like a crossover but actually isn`t. And I`m pretty sure he can substitute that with a crossover

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seng said...

omfg you battled the legendary Umehara-san.