Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Missed my Jetstar transit flight

The following post contains a lot of profanity which is deserved for the huge amount of stupidity involved. You have been warned.

Ok, took my flight from Narita to Cairns. No problem. I had of course turned on flight mode for my phone but didn't turn it back on. Had a 5 hour wait at Cairns airport for my next flight. Went to the domestic departure lounge and the sign on top of the check in counters said that check in time for Melbourne was 8.35. There was this huge queue for this Sydney flight that stretched forever. Most of the Jetstar counters said Sydney checking in now while the 3 Melbourne counters still had 8.35 as check in time.

8.35 came and the counters still said check in at 8.35. I figured they started check in slow for the Sydney flight. Saw a second line form and asked the dude at the end whether it was for Melbourne and was told he was going Sydney.

The announcement sign for departured said that Melbourne was delayed. Oh well. Most of the queue was gone and there were some people waiting. The counters for Melbourne still said close. I went to ask them whether they were waiting for the Melbourne counter to open and was told they were going to Brisbane. WTF. I looked up and saw that the departure sign was saying 'now boarding' for Melbourne! Holy shit.

Then the lady who told me that the Melbourne counters opened at 8.35 noticed me and said that Melbourne had gone. WTF I couldn't believe it. It wasn't 10.30 yet! Then I realised that because I didn't switch flight mode off, the bloody clock on my phone did not synch with the local time! Fuck fuck fuck. It was past 10.30 and the plane had gone. Fuck. If only I had fucking asked a staff member instead of the people in queue. If only I had fucking noticed the clock on the departure timetable. If only I had fucking turned off my flight mode.

Was told that the next Jetstar flight was on Saturday!! WTF. Four fucking days in Cairns??!!!! No fucking way. And I had to pay $500 to book that flight. There seemed to be a flight leaving for Melbourne at 11.30 on the Tiger Airways counter next to Jetstar. I asked the lady on the counter whether I could get a ticket from there.

"Good luck", she replied. Apparenly because of some volcanic ash stuff all flights are booked out. I was fucking looking at spending $500 and paying for four freaking days in sunny Cairns. Look, if I missed my Tokyo flight and was told I need to wait another 4 days, whatever. It just means the powers that be want me to contribute more to the Japanese economy. Four freaking days in a tropical so called city? No effing way. Then she mentioned Qantas might have a flight on Thursday.

Had to line up at the Qantas sales counter and was told they couldn't tell me anything because I did not have a previous booking with Qantas. I had to book online. I asked whether I could book by phone and was told it would be very busy. Shit. Now I had to use my 200mb 3G internet on my phone. Which I had not never used because 200mb is nothing and all the horror stories about overbilling scared me.

Looked up Tiger Airways first and flights are all booked out. Next was Qantas and they had a connecting flight tomorrow!!!!! The fucking damage for that as $1200!!!!!!!!! WTF???!!!!!! $500 for Jetstar flying on Thursday or $1200 for tomorrow. I had no fucking choice. I had shot my self in the foot with my fucking stupidity. No time to fucking regret but to do it.

The thing that pisses me off is that there were a lot of things in Japan that I wanted to do but didn't because I had already spent a shit lot of money. I wanted to spend another 3000 yen on my last night in Osaka but I had spent too much. I wanted to go back to Happy Honey for a massage. I wanted to buy that awesome Berserk figure. Fuck. I could have bought that Guts armour figure in Asakusabashi and would still have had change.

Fuck. I just spent the money for my 3D tv.

Fuck, I just spent the money for my Japan trip next year.

Fuck, I was right there and threw away one fucking day and $1200 because I didn't ask a staff member and assumed that the Melbourne counter had not opened. I always say asumption is the mother of all fuck-ups and this is a huge fuck-up.

Fuck fuck fuck.

I'm going to bloody spend the night at the airport because enought bloody money has been wasted. Screw the poor bastards who have to sit next to me tomorrow and endure my 2 days of stink. Fuck my stupidity. No point dwelling on the ifs and hows. Now I got to survive a day in an airport. I got my psp but no convertor since its a Japanese version. My psp will last 7 hours at most. Internet is 12.50 for two hours but the pc can't access the files on my phone or usb.

Will I finally finish reading Game of Thrones or just stare into space pondering the limitlessness of my idiocy?

Oh well, fuck me.


bframe5 said...

Shit... really sorry to hear that man. I've been in the same boat before, but was lucky enough to not get burned.

Jung said...

Man I get angry reading this post. What a load of crap man... Total rip off. so sorry to hear about this.

Akiramike said...

I'll definitely not be making the same mistake again.