Monday, June 27, 2011

Moteki the movie???!!!

 Thanks to Maiku for the heads up on this one. All I have to say is thank the jdorama gods they did not recast Densha as Yukiyo. If you read DarkMirage's review of the manga here, it seems like the dorama is pretty similar to its source which is a bad thing as according to DarkMirage's review, the pacing in the manga goes off because it was only intended to be a one volume story and not to mention that the ending is inconclusive. This is one of those rare instances which I think it would be ok for an adaptation to not follow the source material.

If you have a read of Tokyohive's article which is also where I stole the picture from, Nagasawa Masami plays a magazine editor who meets the Yukiyo through twitter. Sounds different from the dorama. Maybe someone saw the dorama and decided that if they could tighten the script so that Yukiyo fucking up doesn't get repetitive and give it a more definite ending then it might turn out pretty good.

One paragraph from DarkMirage's review of the manga struck me;

Over the course of four volumes, Fujimoto learns that he is not the undesirable loser that he thought he was and that romance is about more than just finding the courage to say, “I love you.” He matures as a person and eventually finds the self confidence to help the girls around him and himself to become (slightly) more well adjusted individuals.

Hhmm. The only thing I got from the dorama besides him fucking him the chance to bed three beautiful women is the going to be someone else's moteki line at the end which says to me that he was going to seek happiness by making someone else happy and not expect it to somehow drop on his lap.Let's see how the movie goes. I really like the dorama cast and the girls for the movie don't seem right. But then I'm guessing the characters will be slightly different. At least there is one thing everyone can agree on, with the Moteki dorama and movie, Moriyama Mirai is one lucky dude.


maiku said...

Interesting...for some reason I assumed the movie would be a continuation of the drama like Nodame or Kurosagi. Maybe because the ending was so open? I'd normally be skeptical, but considering it's the same director/writer as the series it'll probably be decent.

You should check out the video for the opening theme (Yoake no BEAT by Fuji Fabric). Pretty slick. Same director as the series and Moriyama Mirai gets to show off his dance background.

Akiramike said...

Still prefer the Moteki intro. I can watch it over and over again.

Anonymous said...

if there is a person who has more luck than anybody else, it is definetly mirai. he kissed yu aoi, ueno juri, and the moteki girls. who is next in line? miho kanno? toda erika?

then there comes the movie. i hate that guy.

oh! the girl with a short hair next to mirai is pretty. so i will definetly watch it. no need of trailers. and i think the soundtrack will be great as well.

hopefully the movie will inspire losers like me.