Monday, January 02, 2017

The Handmaiden

Park Chan Wook is back! Its been a long while since I've seen a Korean movie besides train to Busan which was overhyped as hell.

The Handmaiden is exactly why I feel in love with his movies many years ago. Its erotic, twisted and depraved but while I could see the twists coming, its so beautifully shot I was just entranced.

Words cannot sufficiently describe how good Park Chan Wook is. I really felt like I was watching someone who was a master at his craft.

I could feel the confidence he had in every shot, in every close up of a facial twitch or look of sadness and longing as he took me on a tale about a swindler who poses as a handmaiden in order to rid this rich lady of her riches.

Absolutely must watch. This is Korean cinema at its finest. I've never been so turned on and so disgusted by a movie. :)

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