Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rest of 2016 jdoramas


The sequel to Ishi no Mayu. I gave up on Ishi no Mayu half way because of its clumsy execution and decided to give the sequel Suishou no Kodou a go because its WOWOW. I may have problems with it but its still better than any idoru cop show.

I skimmed season 1, gave season 2 a go and the awkwardness still remains for me. I don't know how to explain it. It feels like the cops or the storyline keeps avoiding answering the very important questions that need to be asked. Sort of like how Ishi no Mayu should be about psychological profiling and cat and mouse games but never went there.

Mystery shows are about the audience watching along as the main character answers questions. In Ishi no Mayu and Suishou no Kodou I find myself shouting at the characters for not asking the obvious questions. Whoever wrote these two shows should never touch another police procedural/mystery show again. Or should be forced to watch Gaiji Keisatsu and Gonzo again and again.

That said, Suishou no Kodou does have some redeeming features. I really liked the main character being traumatised by the events of the first season and her use of her father's watch as her wet blanket. That was a nice piece of psychology to make her more real. Better than average but lacking WOWOW's usual polish.


I can't help comparing Natsume Souseki to Meoto Zenzai (also made by NHK). Its about an ojousan who marries this teacher Natsume Souseki who is going to be Japan's greatest writer. I didn't find the comedy funny and the chemistry wasn't there and I struggled to finish the first episode. I just don't get what this show is trying to be. Might revisit the series later.


WTF is this crap? Is there any other reason for this show to exist besides to promote some Johnnys? Do people actually find this shit funny? Not even Sawamura Ikki can save this show!


Me love Kaho, but not so much in fluffy show about wife who is obsessed with throwing things away. If Shinya Shokudo is chicken soup that warms your soul, Wtashi no Uchi ni wa Nani mo nai is an appetizer that doesn't have much taste. Avoid.


The only reason Yamada Takayuki does so many Ushijima-kuns is that he is hardly ever in them. Once again its about stupid people getting doing stupid things and Ushijima-kun comes in at the end. Admittedly, I watched the whole thing because I'll watch anything with Japanese scams and I thought the 3P scenes were going to be great.

I don't care about any of the characters nor do I hate anyone. I guess I was hoping it could capture some of the greatness of the first season. Its a show that just exists for no reason and I will not be watching the two movies. Do watch the first season if you haven't and then avoid the rest.


The first Majisuka was fun in the they're trying hard and its got no budget kind of way.  Then they kept making more of the same and now they're using the same characters for a kyabakura show. They should have dumped the Majisuka connection and cut down the number of characters and posing by half. It doesn't help that the much more entertaining OL Desu Ga, Kyabajou Hajimemashita also came out this year. Avoid.


Kawashima Umika as this person who appears before this couple claiming that she is the mother of their child who the couple adopted. OK show though the couple are a bit too annoyingly nice. Only watch if you are Kawashima Umika fan.


Buck said...

What Natsume Soseki drama is about? A kindhearted, saintly wife who acted as a pillar of support and provided for an erratic husband who only knew how to write prose and endured his tantrum every day. But that being said, I gave up after episode 2.

Akiramike said...

Happy to hear I'm not the only one who found the show lacking despite the talent involved.