Saturday, January 14, 2017

5 Questions Nintendo needs to answer about the Switch

So the Nintendo Switch reveal has come and gone. I'm pretty sure lots of parents are going to buy it to their kids can practice giving happy endings. As someone who has a Wii U, DSi, 3DS and New3DS, I wasn't happy with a lot of important information that was not disclosed.

1) Will downloaded games still be tied to the system or the account?

The worst thing about having a Nintendo system is that if one of my machines die, I'll need to get a new one and call Nintendo in Japan to transfer my game licenses to a new machine.

2) Can I use my Japanese MyNintendo account on an Australian Switch?

Hurrah for region free but what about Nintendo accounts? Can you choose your region like you can on Xbox and Playstation systems or is it tied to the system? Does it support multiple accounts like Xbox and Playstation?

3) Will I be able to bring over my Virtual Console games from my Wii U and 3DS?

If Nintendo wants me to pay more money for old games which I already own on their other systems like A Link to the Past, they can stick the joy-con where the sun don't shine. Judging from Nintendo's past record, they are going to screw people who do the right thing.

I can spend money supporting old games or I can just get a GPD XD and emulate all the old games. Don't make life hard for people who are trying not to pirate. They already charge an arm and a leg for virtual console games compared to Sony.

4) Will the Switch have Gamecube and Wii virtual console support?

We know its going to have Famicom and SFC support.

5) Why the fuck doesn't the Switch support digital audio?

Its 2017 and the USD$90 hunk of plastic that you call the Switch Dock (which is just a USB C in and HDMI out adapter) doesn't have a digital audio out?

The reveal sucked but the Breath of the Wild trailer took my breath away. Come March, I'm going to be either playing it on my Wii U or a Switch.

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