Friday, January 06, 2017

Cold Case : Shinjitsu no Tobira Episode 10

They saved the best episode for last and what an episode it was! Santamaria Yusuke's Akamatsu is a great villain because he is evil and he knows it and there is no 'what would know about how I feel?' and he doesn't go crazy with stupid overacted laugh like 99% of jdorama and anime villains.

The most interesting thing about this episode is how the main character/victim of this episode is Yoshida Yo's Ishikawa and how it exposes hers and Akamatsu's innermost demons. They are both characters with horrible childhood and both of them deal with the emotional scars in different ways.

On the whole I rather enjoyed Cold Case and its a lot better than the clumsy Ishi no Mayu. Its got a few must watch episodes but just doesn't cross the line into must watch for me. Very watchable and I hope to see more no nonsense police jdoramas like this in the future.

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C said...

I liked this episode but I thought it was very rushed...and it seemed to focus on setting up another season rather than concluding - the issue with Saya has never been addressed and though Ishikawa's past was hinted at, it was rather forced out in the open here with little resolve. The music choices remained horrible. I really hope we do get a second season though, or something similar. It was very different from the average jdrama cop show...everyone acted a lot more professional and the cases far more believable.

I'm sad they killed off Akamatsu as he was really great...the whole show could have been spent exploring him and what made him to be honest and I wouldn't have minded! (Though serial killers shows like that are probably too common to justify it)