Monday, January 30, 2017

Many things I liked about Quartet episode 1

1. All start cast in a show made to entertain and not to make someone look cool.

2. I was marking out for the Dragon Quest theme song! Please, please please do One Winged Angel in future episodes. In the very unlikely chance they do the Grandia theme song, I will die of happiness.

3. Sakamoto Yuji is a master wordsmith. He can create fun dialogue for each character that caters to their eccentricities and yet speak of the situation at hand in interesting ways and reveals so much about the characters.

4. Case in point the karaage speech. I was laughing my head off at how funny it was and yet it told me so much about each character's personality. In the end Sakamoto Yuji, ties to Matsu Takako's confession.

5. Benjamin is such a good plot device because he is about their fears and dreams being struggling musicians and I love that Matsu Takako makes the hard decision the ungrateful idiots were hesitant to admonish her for it.

6. Mitsushima Hikari's talents are not being wasted on playing a talking t-shirt.

7. One complaint is that the colours are a bit muted. Maybe they're going for the WOWOW movie look but the camera is not very cinematic.

8. The name of the show is not unnecessarily long like Sakamoto Yuji's last show.

9. Forgot to mention I love the ending song Otona no Okite. Its got Shiina Ringo's fingerprints all over it!


The characters are so well written I will watch it til the end. Whether or not it will be a must watch will be up to the twists and turns of the main story. For now, Quartet is off to a flying start!


anastasia said...

no subs...

love hikari so much. exceptional

Antspace said...

Yuizaki-libra just finished the subs for this one. She posted them in her Live Journal. Just seen ep 1 and agree with Mike san. Great stuff! :-)
These are 4 of my favorite actors Playing in a series by Sakamoto Yuji san who directed the great Soredemo, ikite yuku, also with Mitsushima san! Hikari shines again under his direction.

Antspace said...

Sorry. The subs for Quartet are not complete still. Yuizaki Libra said in her comments that she didn't see that ending coming, but she meant the ending of ep 6. I thought she meant the ending of the series, but that's still running.

And then I wrote that Sakamoto Yuji directed this, but being a screen writer he wrote it. I like the directing though.

Anyway, I'm a mess : P

I just watched eps 5 and 6. The conversation at the end of ep 5 is my highlight of this series yet. It's really, really exciting! Matsu Takako is quite brilliant in this scene! wonderfully understated acting. Looking forward to ep 7 now : )