Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Salaryman Sanae-shi episode 3

1. The first two episodes of Salaryman Sanae-shi were kind of ho-hum for me and I was thinking of dropping it until Hamabe Minami (AnoHana jdorama) appeared in episode 3.

2. Hamabe Minami's kawaii shy look aka the Fujitani Miwako special.

3. She's got a smile that could end all wars and bring about world peace.

4. Someone stop me! I can't stop taking screencaps!

5. The kawaiiness is over 9000!!!!!!

6. Hamabe Minami plays the center of this idol group that our hero, Sanae-san is assigned to as a representative of the sponsor company.

7. Sanae-san's attitude of I want to go through life without shouldering any responsibilities is an entertaining contrast with Hamabe Minami's character who is ruthlessly trying to succeed as an idol.

8. Hamabe Minami has got the X factor. The question is whether she becomes an Ishihara Satomi (popular but keeps doing horrible shows) or Kaho (always in non-mainstream shows but can act rings around anyone in her generation)

9. I mentioned the first two episodes were kind of bland for me. Salaryman Sanae-shi is basically the Yuusha Yoshihiko humour transplanted into a salaryman superhero show so how funny you find it depends on how much you like that style of humour. Personally, I find its got a bit too many people doing slapstick stuff and trying to be funny which is why I enjoyed episode 3 because it was just based on Sanae and Arisa's relationship and didn't have people popping in and out doing gags.

10. The second thing I don't like is that Sanae-san's suit has this power to make everyone who's seen him forget about him. So he just transforms into a super salaryman in front of everyone and every good deed he does is claimed by this useless cop played by Meburu from Yuusha Yoshihiko in the show's most boring running gag. I would love to see him solve problems in the end with his own ability but the show might still head in that direction.

11.  The third and number one thing I don't like about Salaryman Sanae-shi is that I bloody hate his useless wife and kids. Sure, the joke is that Sanae is so afraid of everything including responsibilities and his wife but they haven't shown any redeemable qualities. Yes, even Kyon Kyon's wife character. 

12. Episodes 4 and 5 will be pivotal to whether I will keep watching. I need to see the story move forward.

 13. And hopefully they'll bring Hamabe Minami back.


Anonymous said...

Is there any site where I can watch this show eng-subbed?

Akiramike said...

@anon - Subs for Episode 1 of Sanae-shi are up at http://watashiwachiaki.livejournal.com