Monday, January 09, 2017

Yuusha Yoshihiko to Michibikareshi Shichinin Episodes 1-5

The first season  of Yuusha Yoshihiko was a must watch low budget Dragonquest parody that was a breath of fresh air. The second season was way to repetitive despite still having it funny moments. Four years after season two, Yuusha Yoshihiko is back and does it have enough fresh jokes to keep things interesting or is this just an excuse for Yamada Takayuki and friends to ad-lib and laugh at each other?

The good news is clearly four years has allowed the writer to think of new stuff like just how the hell are herbs used in RPGs? My favourite episode in is when Yoshihiko and gang end up at the FF village and its so funny seeing the difference in both games and I feel the writer could have made fun of both games for a few more episodes.

Episode 5 was kind of boring with its sole purpose being to make fun of Tokio and their farming TV show as well as various tv stations. While the impersonations of Tokio members are spot on, its going away its fantasy RPG roots.

Comedy is a bit subjective and some people might find the parody of various Japanese tv stations hilarious but season 3 is giving me the same vibe as season 2. Some nice new jokes but we've been down this road before. Watchable.

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