Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Kuroi 10-nin no Onna

I really didn't have anything to watch this season and I was not going to watch Kuroi 10-nin no Onna because I don't really like the main guy Funakoshi Eiichiro's acting. Luckily bframe informed me that the script was by Bakarythm (sentaxi) and its based on a classic Japanese movie. Anything by Bakarythm is worth at least a peek.


+ One of the funniest comedies of the year. ( at least for the first 7 episodes)
+ The pacing for 7 episodes was incredible. It was a constant avalanche of escalating jokes and revelations.
+ Incredible cast of females. Not one gorioshi talento in sight. I was squealing with delight as each of the mistresses was revealed.
+Narumi Riko from Ruri no Shima has turned into quite an actress.
+ Mizuno Miki's character.  She's so good at acting a character who is bad at acting who thinks she is so good at acting but is actually bad.

+ The very formidable last boss.
+ Each of the women are interesting with their own distinct voice.
+ Bakarythm talking about jdorama ratings and what happens when ratings are low.
+ Bakarythm revealing that directors in Jdoramas may have more influence over scripts than I had thought.

How dare she pull that cute face and have the nerve to ask why people commit adultery!

- Kaze is the most unconvincing lover of 10 women. There was no kissing, groping or undressing.
- Pacing slowed to a crawl by episode 8.
- The least three episodes could have easily been combined into 2. The conspiracy scene was way too long and could have been done as a series of flashbacks and the final scene should have been the restaurant scene where the tables got turned.
- They kept showing the Kaze on the ground ending which tells me, "Hey, if you're getting bored, there's this ending to look forward to."Ultimately his character is irrelevant and its more about the women getting too full of themselves and Kaze's comeuppance was unnecessary.
- All that wasted food and drinks. :(


Kuroi 10-nin no Onna could have been not just a top 5 must watch jdorama of the year but a classic comedy jdorama if not for the pacing issues at the end. I get that sometimes you need to calm things down before the flurry at the end but I was looking at my phone wishing things would go faster at the end.

Still, I would recommend people watch Kuroi 10-nin no Onna just for the incredible first 7 episodes. I'd rather a jdorama shoot for the moon and nearly succeed than do something so generic and boring like Chef. Very worth checking out and maybe some of you won't even mind the pacing at the end.

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