Saturday, December 24, 2016

Chef : Mitsuboshi no Kyushoku Episode 1

Chef has a cast good enough to make a must watch jdorama: Amami Yuki, Endo Kenichi, Toyohara Kosuke aka Mr Lan Evo and the reunion of Koizumi Kotaro and Kawaguchi Haruna from Juken no Cinderella.

Sensei, is that you? I entered Todai just to work at a school cafeteria.

Unfortunately, episode 1 gave me this very tired been here done that feeling about a 3 star chef who ends up working at a primary school cafeteria. No matter how many times they play some rousing music, I good not get excited about this show. As per usual Fuji TV shows, the indoor scenes have this super bright fuzzy lighting where no shadows exist.

Maybe it gets better in later episodes but all signs point to generic Fuji TV show. What a waste of talent. Meh. Only for food dorama maniacs who like kids.


Buck said...

I keep watching for the food porn, but the whole series is like a nonchalant generic dime-a-dozen food shows without any story. Koizumi's character is horrendous. Don't think you'd like it.

Sonna~ said...

I watched a few eps but couldn't really continue. Like Buck said, Koizumi's character is horrible and a waste. Amami Yuki is great, but her character feels blah. And it seems to be yet another "we're stubborn and won't work with anyone to help us" kind of drama.