Thursday, July 31, 2014

Petero no Souretsu Eps 1-4

My other favourite show this season which is surprisingly unsubbed. Petero no Souretsu is the sequel to Namonaki Doku.which was an interesting story about this very nice vanilla character called Sugimura who gets involved in certain incidents and acts more like a detective rather than a publisher. At the end of Namonaki Doku was pushed to the point where he forgot himself, which I guess was what the writer was aiming for.

Suginuma is back in Petero no Souretsu and this time he gets caught up in a bus jacking incident. While he is still Mr. Nice Guy, Suginuma is a nice guy who has been through a lot and is able to think with a clear head in pressure situations.

Episode 1 deals with the tense bus jack where the hijacker's motives are unknown. We have an assortment of various characters in the bus and the hijacker seems to be in full control of the situation and knows what he is doing. The hijacker requests that 3 evil people be brought to him also promises the hostages one million yen in compensation.

The busjack ends in episode 1 but we are left with more questions than answers as the former hostages try to find out the truth and what to do with the money. At the beginning of episode 1, Suginuma says that evil is contagious and the root cause is a crime committed 30 years ago.

As with Namonaki Doku, the pacing in Petero no Souretsu is deliberate but engaging. Its a mystery dorama that knews how to constantly feed the viewer information but without repeating things ad nauseum (Triangle) or has really inane dialogue (Gekiryuu). There are a lot of unknowns such as Hasegawa Kyoko's character or the useless new transfer colleague but I look forward to see how it all comes together.

Ep 4 is interesting as it looks into the Head Editor's past but also links it to the busjack and gives us a nice mini resolution at the end. I really like the 4 episodes so far but I can't give it a must watch until the end. Very good series so far. The retimed Japanese subs are available here.

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