Friday, July 04, 2014

Vote for your favourite JAV actresses in the next Ryu ga Gotoku game!

Only SOD actresses though so no Yoshizawa Akiho, Ayase Ren, Tsubomi, Amami Tsubasa or Arimura Sayo but plenty of actresses to choose from! You can vote for them at this page. You get five votes a day until the 3rd of August and you can even use the five votes on the same actress. There's no way Uehara Ai is not going to get in and they are going to choose 10 girls in the end.

Who am I voting for? I really want to see Nanaumi Nana win. She's been doing a lot of mainstream work including Futari Ecchi and she says that she is secretly a fan of the games on her blog. (I don't understand what she means by secretly 密かに but whatever) I hope Natsume Yuki and Ootsuki Hibiki get in as well. Most importantly, I hope the story is not as stupid as the ending of Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin and the gameplay not as grinding. Ishin to me is the worst in the series, not counting Kurohyou.

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