Sunday, July 06, 2014

Zoku Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi eps 3-11

Zoku just feels like a retread of the first season with Wahei once again being trapped in his own harem and like all harem anime, not doing anything about it except being a very nice guy. Okada Yoshikazu tries to fill the series with entertaining storylines until the end but they all just seem like filler. From Kase Ryo to Hasegawa Kyoko's sex friend nothing interesting happens.

One could argue its more of a family comedy than a story about Wahei and Chiaki but the conversations between those two are the only thing that kept me watching until the end and everyone else is just dull. Some may find this show like comfort food but to me it feels like forgettable fluff.


C said...

I agree. This drama was really carried by the chemistry of Wahei and Chiaki. I love their conversations, but everything else was, as you say, boring. I dragged myself through to see how they'd resolve Chiaki and Wahei's relationship but the ending was totally unsatisfactory. I know its supposed to be more of a family drama, but I found a lot of the scenes with the whole family together a bit cheesy? Not heartwarming. I feel a bit let down as the series had a lot of potential but it dragged on for too long without a proper ending. Even one of the characters said in the show itself how they hated when series end without properly resolving things - so I thought it was a hint for a good ending but no. :(

Sonna~ said...

It buckled for me after the second episode, but I found myself smiling a lot in episodes 10 and 11. I still prefer the first season and the SP.

It WAS cheesy at times, and it was very family-drama-ish, but that was OK. I just hope they don't try to do another SP or a third season, the story is DONE.

Shane said...

I absolutely loved every second of this series. Fantastic script, brilliant acting and lovable characters who I'll miss watching. Really hope there's more to come but can't see it happening. The ending was sweet and suited the tone of the show perfectly. A comforting watch indeed!

4545 said...

For me, Nakai Kiichi, the dialogues and the comedy were the 3 things that carried this drama to make it enjoyable.

Only thing I found glaring was the choice to cast Sakaguchi Kenji as Shinpei.