Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Roosevelt Games Eps 1+2

If you liked Hanzawa Naoki, this show is more of the same. If you hated Hanzawa Naoki like me, stay away. Its got better actors with Mr Fumo Chitai Karasawa Toshiaki and Eguchi Yosuke but its still the same ham fisted presentation with moustache twirling villains.My mind cannot reconcile the oversentimentality of Roosevelt Game and Hanzawa Naoki that feels so forced and the overacting villains.

I've talked to Japanese who enjoyed the kabuki acting in Hanzawa but to me, its just too unrealistic. Roosevelt Game is not a comedy. Its not a parody. It it in underdog dorama without an inch of subtlety. It tries so effing hard to make me feel for the underdog that I feel the opposite.

If you want a more realistic underdog story, try Soratobu Taiya or a for a more exciting  business dorama, try Hagetaka. There are some Japanese tastes that I can never comprehend. 

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