Friday, July 11, 2014

Mosaic Japan Episode 1 recap

Sakamoto Yuji + WOWOW + Porn = Not to be missed. I've finished watching all 5 episodes. I don't think its must watch but I had great fun. There are bits of dialogue I didn't get but generally understood everything.

Episode 1 opens with an orgy scene and Riichi meeting the President of  Galaxyz (played by the guy from Gonzo who always looked like he was crying) who explains to him while porn is banned is banned in Japan, because there is mosaic, it is allowed. Prostitution is illegal in Japan so soaplands are created. Gambling is illegal but pachinkos also get around it. Why? Because the most important thing is taxes.

The President equates the AV industry to the helicopter's shadow when shooting Harry Potter flight sequences at a castle. Its something not to be noticed but its what's necessary.

We go a bit back in time to see Riichi coming back to his town. He sees a girl go into a truck and her underwear is thrown out.

Riichi's parents are doing well from working at Galaxyz and his dad got a huge new tv. Grandma urges Riichi to find a job there. Nothing on the Galaxyz Group brochure says porn. Just beauty, dotcom, FX and I'm not sure what the Sanzu means.

Riichi goes to Galaxys where all the OLs are smoking hot.

Riichi meets the president who tells him to throw a burger against the window. Riichi, being our mild mannered protagonist is like WTF. President tells Riichi how you use something is up to you. I don't want anyone here who cannot think of food other than for eating. Riichi is then hired on the spot.

Riichi is given the employment forms by this lady who had some vibrating thing on her.

Riichi has his congratulations party with his old teacher and friends at an izakaya. He sees Momoko, an OL from Galaxyz being harrassed and helps her out.

Riichi who is now working in the FX trading area comes to the general affairs section and witnesses Momoko being spanked because the ink of a ball pen is not coming out. lol

Riichi of course goes to save Momoko only to be told that they are in the middle of shooting and there is a cameraman below the table.

Riichi runs around to find out that he is actually working for an AV company along with everyone in the town.

And his parents are the ones who mosaic the AVs.


Sperion said...

Yes, this is an interesting drama. Not amazing, but have some good points.

By the way, the "Sanzu" is probably part of the name of the subsidiary company being "Suns" for solar power.

bikutah said...

First comment ever.

Regarding this line:
"Gambling is illegal but pachinkos also get around it. Why? Because the most important thing is taxes."

It's not 税(ぜい) as in taxes but 体(てい)as in pretense(見せかけ ). By the way, I also had a pretty hard time understanding that line. The first time I heard it I thought it was 手, somehow referring to how skillful the Japanese are to conceal things.

Here's a blog with some lines extracted from the first chapter.

Sorry for any typos, me is not a natives speakers.

Akiramike said...

Thanks Sperion and bikutah!

kondthol said...

LOL at the buttfuck scene, it's super hilarious!!!