Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Carnation eps 1-48

Carnation is the second asadora I've attempted, the first being Amachan.So far, the story about a girl who loved sewing and making western clothes has been fun to watch. One of the funny things about Japan for me is how even today, 'youfuku' or western clothes is used to refer to what we wear everday now and its interesting to see a time in history where western clothing and influences were seeping into Japanese culture. As long as the main character of Carnation Itoko does not embark on a different quest and become an idol, I think Carnation is a watchable show.

While I've somehow gone though 48 episodes which is not that long considering each episode is only 15 minutes and when you take away the intro song and recaps, you're left with only 10 its hard for me to continue watching with the prospect of another 100 episodes.

I like everything about Carnation. Ono Machiko absolutely kills it as Itoko and Kobayashi Kaoru is fun to watch as the stubborn dad who inflicts domestic violence on his family but is quickly forgiven. 151 episodes to tell this story is just way too long for me or rather I can't continue marathoning this show.

Asadoras should be watched one episode a day and I really can't see myself trying out another one. I think girls would absolutely love this show with all the dressmaking and I enjoyed watching Itoko overcome her challenges but the pacing does not make for continuous watching. No more asadoras for me.


4545 said...

I remember watching this one like a crack addict, till Ono Machiko handed her character to the next actress.

dgundam said...

Ya your not going to like it once they get to the older version of her in the later episodes. Also I only really liked the first half of carnation.

I don't think asadoras are for you Mike. Their just light fare and don't really go that deep with their plot. It's usually just follows the life of a woman. Well maybe you can try either oshin which is the highest rated asadora or churasan with kuninaka ryoko which was the highest rated one in the past 20 years and spawned 4 seasons. Maybe try those 2 before you give up as asadoras all together lol

Antspace said...

Although I am slightly biased because this is one of my favorite series ever, I'd still recommend to watch this until after WW2. It gets quite impressive. Not something I would call 'light fare'though ; )

It is true that Natsuki Mari can't quite stand in Ono Machiko's shoes, but I still consider the series watchable after she enters.

Akiramike said...

Dgundam: I think I got Churasan somewhere but never got around to it.

I like Natsuki Mari and WW2 stuff would be interesting but I'll save the rest of the series for when I want something really light.

Do you guys marathon the show or watch an episode a day?

Antspace said...

10 to 20 eps a day : p
Watched the opening most of the times as well. I love the song and animation too. Btw. I don't consider this series light stuff as it gets quite serious later on...

dgundam said...

@antspace hmm i agree carnation during the ww2 time is not light stuff but it isnt heavy stuff either (or maybe because im a heartless bastard lol :P).

for me i didnt like the stories about the children... i was like who cares about them i want more on ono machiko. plus it got annoying how near the end they kept on saying 'we should make my life an asadora'.

i normally watch through 1 whole week episodes at a time. watching too much will burn you out. i havent watched plenty of asadoras apart from chiritotechin (stars kanjiya doing rakugo), churasan, amachan, carnation, and teppan up to whats subbed. also unfortunately there arent that many asadoras subbed, and some of them stars stars i dont like.
i dont like like osamu mukai (gegege nyobu), horitika (umechan sensei), inoue mao (ohisama), and yoshitaka (anne chan), and i tried gouchisousan but there wasnt anything special to it except for the food; so all these shows i just dropped.