Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kanpai Senshi After 5

Kanpai Senshi After 5 is a super sentai parody show that takes place in two places; an izakaya and a karaoke. Some people might know super sentai shows as Power Rangers and After 5 is basically about the heroes having a drink after battle.

In other words, its an after work conversation dorama. Despite their job description being fighting an evil organisation, After 5 do have to deal with a lot of workplace problems. Did I mention former Hello Project soloist Kikkawa Yu is in it? No idea what Tsunku ever saw in her as a soloist but she's not bad as an actress.

After 5 also doesn't fail to make fun of all the Super Sentai conventions like leaving the robot/final weapon for the end and the numerous minions that the bad guys have.

Speaking of the bad guys, the boss of the evil organisation works as the cook at the izakaya where After 5 go.

There are so many funny stories like the twitter episode or trying to get Pink to pay when she always runs away. The ending karaoke song of SharanQ's' Zurui Onna was perfect! In fact, I love the karaoke song choices.

My favourite episodes are the Yellow-chan episodes which made me laugh non-stop. I really felt Red, Blue and Yellow's pain.

After 5 is a very funny parody. While I can't give it a must watch, I've got no complaints. Episodes 1-9 have been subbed by Megabeast Empire and raws can be gotten from nyaa.


After watching Mosaic Japan with Takahashi Issei as the Galaxyz president, I had a sudden urge to watch Gonzo cause that was the show I most remember him for. One episode turned into two and I ended up rewatching the whole thing again and what a blast! I wanted to write a rewatch review about how good it still is but looking back at my old reviews, I don't think there's anything new for me to say but I had forgotten just how good Gonzo was so I was half rediscovering it and half remembering bits and pieces.

I used to refer to the holy trinity of Gonzo, Gaiji Keisatsu and Rinjo as the best cop jdoramas I've seen but I'm happy to add Border to that group, except its not a trinity anymore. If you haven't seen Gonzo, you owe it to yourself to do so!


Both shows have started being subbed. I love Black President though others have commented they don't think its that good. As long as you don't expect another KDO, you'll enjoy the series. I'm looking forward to rewatching Kanata no Ko and understanding everything. Its a bleak show but I felt kind of indifferent so I'm hoping I'll enjoy it more the second time with subs.


The top three are currently:

1) Arimura Chika
2) Sakura Mana
3) Uehara Ai

Nanaumi Nana is all the way down at 25th and Natsume Yuuki is 22nd. :( Worst of all I just noticed that Arimoto Sayo is on the list at 28th! I didn't even realise she was on the list because the picture SOD used doesn't even look like her!

 This is her profile picture on the voting page.

And this is what she looks like.

As futile as it is, I shall be using the remainder of my votes of Sayo-chan! Sigh, outside of Uehara Ai and Ootsuki Hibiki, no one else in the top 10 gets me excited.  Come one Sega, I would pay 1000円 for Arimoto Sayo  hostess DLC!


Anonymous said...

I really really loved Black president! So much that I watched the one with chinese subs even though I'm more used to english subs :D

NTP said...
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Anonymous said...

Have you watched the Korean variety/reality show Genius? Its setting is exactly the same as Liar Game.