Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Long Goodbye

The Long Goodbye is a detective noir series set in post WWII Japan about a private detective called Banji (Asano Tadanobu) who becomes friends with Ayano Gou who is married to a famous actress. Something happens to Ayano Gou and Banji unwittingly becomes involved in something bigger.


+ Pure detective noir at its finest except for voiceover by the main character, from femme fetales to moody lighting/music to world weary protagonist who must do what he thinks is right. Noir at its finest.

+ Cigarette smoking is not overused like Mozu and there is no unnecessary posturing.

+ Beautifully crafted and shot. They really maximised their budget to recreate 1950s Japan. You can tell a lot of times they couldn't afford to use wide shots but that makes me like it even more.

+ I couldn't help comparing this with Mozu when watching but pacing is so much better and I was eager to find out the truth instead of fearing they would stuff it up.


- Ending kind of left me with a meh. I was hoping for the show to outsmart me at the end but like HBO's True Detective, its more much a character story about the protagonist standing up against those in power. I would have liked to have seen more of the killer's past, especially considering the killer's condition.


I can't give it a must watch cause it didn't blow me away just like True Detective but its a very well made piece of Japanese dorama. The Long Goodbye did a much better job playing to the strengths of its genre compared to Mozu. Very watchable and high recommended. Great job NHK!


Donna said...

Compared the 1973 American movie I thought the story line was too convoluted--but then I read the book and realized they'd done a great job following the events exactly as Raymond Chandler wrote them.

Akiramike said...

Did you 'get' the story after reading the book or do you still find it too convoluted?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it overall. I'd like to see a continuation, what else can our detective get involved in. I liked the look and style. The rumble of his car was a nice touch.