Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Leftover pictures and remaining Japan 2014 loot Part 1

Went to Hakata Ramen Barikote south of Nakano Station. Barikote means very thick soup in Hakataben and its got 3.64 stars on tabelog which is very high. It takes about 15 minutes walk from the South exit of Nakano Eki.

Ordered the zenbuiri and... it was ok. Tonkotsu Ogi, my favourite scores 3.53 on Tabelog. Speaking of Ogi, my last meal there on Friday night, the chasiu was super duper juicy and the ramen dude was beaming when I told him. Too bad it was closed on Sunday.

Ramen Ichizu at Kinshichou after watching Bokutachi no Kazoku. Rated 3.52 on tabelog.

It is exactly the same as Ichiryu in Kumamoto which is ok but I won't go out of my way to eat here.

Some vote buying national kyabakura ceremony going on Saturday night but I didn't have time to watch....

..because I had to hang out with these two at Ikebukuro. I looked up this place called Sanbariki but we ended up at the wrong place but we were too hungry to care.

Huge bunch of girls queueing up for handshake event.

AKB zombie shooting game.

Tanaka Shoten at Odaiba and it tasted nothing like it did last time. Maybe the fact that it was weekend and Odaiba was full of people had something to do with it.

Loot Part 1

Gyakuten saiban collection. If only it were fully voiced.

Not touching X-2

Ryu rubber mascot that now serves as my keychain.
Chun Li Capcom 30th anniversary towel.

Sega Saturn. My favourite console ever.

The great SRPG that no one plays and is still too difficult for me to read.

Now I can finally understand the story.

And continue to Scenario 2 which I never did.
Question is WTF am I going to find the time?


Wewi said...

Can't stop looking at the Saturn picture.

Akiramike said...

Sega Saturn is one sexy console.