Monday, June 09, 2014

Mano Erina concert 2014 Again~ Live House de moetsukiyou! at Zepp Diver City

OMFG. Mano Erina concert with live band and on top of that 3 acoustic performances. I am still on a freaking high.

Let's start from the beginning. Went to her 2nd last show last year, thought I would never hear Mano Erina sing live again ever.

My original plan was to go Japan in March. I had alreay booked time off even before my last trip. Through much internal debate, I moved the trip to April and then May. Two months before the trip, I find out Mano Erina was having a concert right after my trip. Without hesitation I changed my flight and bframe managed to get me tickets for me amd himself.

Yup, bframe came up from Mie for Mano Erina.
Yup, you read it right. The flowers are from Kentucky-san and it is Mano Erina's first CM job! She's been around for 5 years and this is her first CM job?

The concert started out with a few songs I was unfamilar but the live band makesa lot of difference. Mano Erina looks like a billion yen and her hair is much longer compared to in Patlabor.

View from our seats at Zepp Diver City. It was a pretty decent view.

The SharanQ keyboard dude Taisei was the director and keyboard person. The only bad thing about the concert was the 15 minute KFC Krushers skit between Taisei and Mano Erina. Small price to pay for Mano Erina's first CM.

The first memorable performance that comes to mind was Mano Erina's cover of Nacchi's Iki o Kasanemasho. I remember thinking is a live band so much better or is her singing much improved?

A lot of songs have different arrangementa and its like listening to new songs. Unfortunately no RararaSososo and Otome no Inori which should be compulsory at every live.

Everyone received a Mano pass. I'm happy that Sekai wa Summer Party and Dare ni mo iwanai weren't dumped into the medley section.

Basically until end of August this pass can be used to get 100円 off amy KFC Krusher. If I lived in Japan, I would be using it everyday to support Mano-chan. So the resposibility falls on bframe to visit Kentucky everyday.

The 3 acustic performances were sublime. The first song was Oyasumi. Can't remember the other two. You could tell she's nervous but she passed with flying colours.

The first half of My Days for You was just Mano Erina singing with the second keyboard dude playing. I had goosebumps all over. They better be taping the second show and releasing it as a DVD cauae all the livw performances sound a lot better than the CDs. Bases on what I've seen in this concert, Mano Erina would kill it with juat her and a piano singing all her songs.

So happy Mano Erina finally has a shirt that I can wear in public. Last song qas of course Next Myself and the beat part was of course singing the next myself bit.

Mano Erina has taken the next step to being a better singer which is surprising because of all the acting she has been doing. I really hope she will continue performing because she can only get better and I had such an awesome time.

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