Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Looking at the Mano Erina at Zepp Diver City 2014 songlist

Songlist taken from upfront life and and pictures stolen from No matter how much I think back to the concert, I can't hear the great performances until they release the dvd. :(

1. Seishun no seranade - Staple song from all her concerts. I don't hate it but I don't love it.

2. 10 Carat no kirameki - Didn't recognise this song. She's never sung it at a concert before and its not in my regular Mano Erina playlist.

3. Aozora ga waratteru - Another b-side single I do not know.

4. Zenbu Daisuki - At this point I'm thinking is she singing other Hello Project songs? I'm pretty sure she hasn't released any new songs.

5. Gomen hanashitakattakedo  - I knew this was a Mano Erina song but I was thinking is this going to be a concert full of Mano Erina songs I don't know?

6. Ambitious! - Already heard watching chapter 2 of the Patlabor movie.

7. Mano Piano - So sad that there was only one piano song. The piano part seemed more complicated than usual. I was holding my breath thinking, don't fuck up lol. bframe wanted to hear lalalasososo.

Then we got the very long KFC commercial and yes, Taisei tasted all four flavours. Reading the recaps made me remember Mano Erina also did the yurushite nyan! Then it was band member introduction time with each member saying what their favourite food was.

8. Oyasumi nasai - The first acoustic song. I was blown away.

9. Iki wo kasanemashou - Sounded better than Nacchi's cd version. I was surprised she did the high parts well. Everyone was swaying with the song.

10. Hana kotoba - Mano Erina's acoustic performance completely destroys the cd version which sounds so boring in comparison.

11. Dare ni mo iwanaide - Love this song. Right amount of sexy and cute. I wasn't happy with the huge amount of talking *cough* Scandal *cough* but I think it was before this song when she says we were at the halfway point and I thought, "Yes that means we've got a lot of songs to go!" The second half was basically non-stop singing which is what I want in my concerts.

12. Onegai dakara

13. Medley - Doki doki baby, Junjou keisatsu KISS, 21 Seikiteki renai jijou, Lucky Aura, Hajime no Keiken, Song for the date. She should have taken out Junju keisatsu and Song for the date or even the B sides from the beginning.

14. Ambitious girls.

15. Glory Days - Meh

16. Sekai wa Summer Party! - Yes, I love this song!

17. Banzai! - I hated this song when it first came out. I thought it was trying to hard to be another chant along song like Genki mono de ikou but now I think doing the banzai, banzai, rakky, rakky is so fun and of course, towel waving. Taisei was dancing along during the two songs imitating the girls and doing a funny job at it.

18. Genki mono de ikou - The chant and dance along salaryman song. Icchyaina, icchyaina, itaikoto icchyaina! Too bad she didn't do the extra long version she did at previous concerts.

19. Seishun no seranade.

20. My Days for You - My favourite Mano Erina song and her singing the first half accompanied by only a keyboard was amazing. This was the goosebumps and something in my eye song. Need concert dvd so I can rip this performance.

21. Next Myself - Her final HP! single. Fans singing the refrain just makes it perfect.

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