Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Japan Days 24 & 25 : X-Men DOFP and Ultra SF4 1.01!

First off, thank you Bryan Singer for erasing X3. I wish Nolan would do that for TDKR and Lucasfilm could wipe Eps 1-3 storyline wise. The only thing I want to see from the X-Men movies is for them to do justice to Cyclops. I think the next movie, Apocalypse is going with the First Class bunch though. As long as it isn't Wolverine and his cameo friends, I am in.

In Japan, they do not sell the 3D glasses. I askes the ticket girl how much for the 3D glasses and she gave me a look saying I just pick them up from the theatre entrance. Was given a pair at the entrance and there is a return box as you exit. I should have brought my glasses from Australia. I'm pretty sure the return rate of the 3D glasses is 99.9% in Japan.

Went to Ichigen in Shinjuku that someone recommended in the comments but they did not have tonkotsu, only shio, miso and shouyu with three levels of soup strength. I don't dislike it but soba is better as zarusoba or yakisoba for me. Interestingly, the place is just across the road from Musashi ramen. Thanks for the recommendation. Ichigen has a rating of 3.56 on tabelog which is very high so lots of people Japanese must like it.

The 1.01 update for Ultra SF4 just came out today in the arcades so off to Ikebukuro Jumbo Safari I went;  the only place I know where playing vs cpu is set to 5 rounds. Spent whole day testing out Cammy cut n paste I mean Decapre and practising Abel's new combo. One credit can last half and hour cause I always bring to the fifth rouns and there weren't many challengers.

Tried out Tokyo Tonkotsu Base. Rating on tabelog was only 3 so didn't expect much. I was very tired and juat wanted the closest tonkotsu ramen place. They didn't have barikata noodles and it tasted meh. Soup was not bad.

I might have taken this picture before.

I might be already dead.

AKB election ticket thingie. They were checking the bags of dudes lining up so I assume a handshake thing was going to happen.

Furyu have opened a second store in Akihabara. You can see free kaedama right next to the name.

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