Thursday, June 05, 2014

Goodbye Coco Ichi tejikomi chicken katsu

The hand made chicken katsu from Coco Ichi was only availabe until the end of May. It was so much better than regular katsu curry that it should be a regular menu staple just like hot and spicy should be for KFC.

I loved it so much that I was eating it every other day. No idea why being tejikomi makes it taste better but it was crispier and the meat juicier. Not saying its close to Tonta in Takadanobaba's level but Coco Ichi is everywhere.

Now they've replaced the tejikomi chicken katsu with the sasami katsu which is lean breast meat. Lean meat doesn't taste as good as fatty and juicy meat.

Oh, and the above picture is the chicken zanmai which is chicken curry heaven. So goodbye tejikomi chicken katsu. May we meet again amd your replacement sasami katsu isn't as good.


Sonna~ said...

I love Coco Ichi so much. ;-;

Akiramike said...

Imagine living in Japan and being able to get Coco Ichi delivered to your home.