Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rivers Edge Okawabata Tanteisha Eps 1-9

River's Edge is your small town detective helping people with their problems with two differences. The hook is that Odagiri Joe gets a dream about his client before he meets them so you see part of the ending but you have to figure out how it fits.


+ The episodes are only half an hour but it always feels very lean and impactful. Take for example the very funny idol episode. It says all that needs to be said about the idol industry and the twist is a great analogy to the illusion that idols are.

+ Its very, very funny and quirky. From the love hotel stuff to the manzai episode.

+ The simplicity of the deliheru episode.

+ The receptionist Megumi always provides some fanservice and her side jobs are entertaining.

 I think I know where I want to go next.

+ Love the music.

+ The direction by Hitoshi One (Moteki) is very energetic. 


- Watching episode 1 on an empty stomach. Not that I can't get wan tan here but I was dreaming of getting extra ramen wan tan topping at tokotsu ramen ogi.

- Eps 7 to 9 were kind of meh compared to the first 6. There are only so many times they can go with the find someone from my past who has turned into someone else story.


Very watchable for me. I originally gave it a must watch for eps 1-6 but later episodes got a bit repetitive.

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