Friday, June 06, 2014

Berserk merchandise : Young Guts figure and Behelits!

This is THE figure find for me so far this trip.
Found it at book off opposite Yodobashi Akiba.
It didn't have a box but by the five god hands, it looks absolutely magnificant and cost only 4500 yen.

Berserk is a niche series so figures are hard to come by. You can find a young Guts and Casca figma everywhere and a giant Guts figure with real clothes but they don't look good.

The best Berserk figures are by Art of War but I can't find those figures anymore. Berserk fans are very unlikely to sell their stuff.
Ominous packaging withe the Berserk logo.

And two behelits! I should have bought this years ago but I'm happy I managed to find a pair. Hmmm. Who shall I sacrifice.

My only complaint is the ropes are too short.

Yup, that small Zod special figure from the P2 game is selling for 26280円!

I was racking my brain staring at this thinking wtf is a ドラゴン二3L (dragon 23L) and it took my a few minutes to realise it was ドラゴンころし(dragon killer). As much as I love Berserk, not spending $200 on just the sword.


Wewi said...

Cool find. Sacrifice your brother.

Anonymous said...

Crouchinggg hard punch!!!!