Thursday, May 26, 2011

Off to Japan again!

In a few hours, I will be on a plane to Japan or rather off to Cairns for a bloody 2 hour stop before going on a very long flight to Tokyo. This will be a trip one year in the making. I knew that I had to go back to Japan after last year's awesome trip. Unfortunately, this year I am going by myself which sort of ended up as a good thing as I had to change my flight twice to accommodate certain events.

The good thing about budget airlines is that if you check every so often, you can find cheap prices. The bad thing is that it costs money to change your flight and you end up having to pay the full fare. Needless to say, I could have gone for a regular airline with the price I am paying.

Oh well, sacrifices must be made. As no one is going with me, I've had to plan stuff to do in Japan. There's no fallback activity of yakiniku and drinking, unless I want to do the KDO solo yakiniku. It would be waste of time to end up playing my PSP in a small room when I can do that back home.

My Japanese has certainly improve from last year. I can play the AKB48 game on PSP and understand most of it but its not at a level that it could have been, especially conversation-wise. Just too lazy to hit the books on Japanese grammar. Learning to read by playing Japanese games has not taught me how to talk.

Since I don't have an official photographer and navigator this time, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S for this trip only to find out the GPS on the damn phone is FUBAR. I would have expected all the reviews that I read and watched would have stressed this point. Goes to show that most smartphone reviews are about specs and not putting a phone through its paces.

Very excited about this trip. Tried to sleep after work today but failed. The past year has been all about this holiday. I'm not really a picture taking person. 99% of my pics from the last trip were from Hellcar and Rei but we'll see how I go this time. I think without anyone to talk to I'll probably be doing a lot of blogging. I wonder whether I'll still get this strong feeling of I should have gone to Japan to study/ I should go teach English in Japan if only I've got some place to dump all my worldly possessions.


Rei said...

Dude, forgot you're leaving. Should've meetup before you go. I might go next month. I need quick holiday and jetstar having sale melb - oosaka for 298AUD 1 way.
What dates are you going to be in Oosaka?

Jung said...

holy cow, again? awesome! have fun! How long you gone for?

Anonymous said...

Have a really nice trip! I will be looking forward to your blog posts. :)

Aarrrr said...

miko channn, will ask u get him a psp pouch xD

Anonymous said...

go leave the country while the aussie dollar is still high.

wish i could go to japan as well. as for my situation, cant leave the country for the next 3 years and a half.

Akiramike said...

Rei, this is what my plan looks like at the moment;

28-29 May - Yokkaichi
30-31 May - Osaka
1-2 June Yokkaichi/Nagoya
3-9 June Tokyo
Might go Saitama on 4/6
10-11 June Osaka
12-13 June Hardcore shopping in Akiba

Let me know ASAP if you coming to see if I can change my plans to meet up.

Musouka said...

Too bad with the Galaxy S GPS thing. Samsung has reportedly fixed the GPS issue in Galaxy S II.

Enjoy your stay :)

Rei said...

Sorry Mike, I forgot I'm booked for wedding for 1st and 2nd week. Can't cancel now T_T
You can't extend 1 more week yeah?