Monday, May 16, 2011

Jmovie review: Rinko 18

WARNING: The following review has screencaps containing nudity so there's no reason not to scroll down!

Notice the naked chick pressing against the van window, filming an AV.

Its been very slow on the jdorama front. The subs for show that I like are either very slow or have stopped halfway. The only thing for me to watch this season is Jin and shockingly I don't think anyone's uploaded Kazoku Hotei. I've got a huge backlog of J and K movies but I don't even know where to start.

Thank goodness for strategically placed cameras.

So I have recently been going to my third choice which is Pinku. If you've never heard of Pinku, its basically Japanese softcore movies. Think JAV with more story, simulated sex and the same amount of budget. Its like watching midnight doramas except the story is usually over in an hour. Funny thing is, a lot of Pinku are English hardsubbed. Not too sure whether Rinko 18 can be classified as Pinku since its more like a super low budget comedy with nudity, especially with the main actress not taking her clothes off.

The poster in the middle for Nanaumi Nana. Her last name is written as kanji as 7 seas. Don't ask me how I knows.

We've seen doramas and movies about almost every occupation in Japan from hostesses to telemarketing sales people. One industry that I have yet to see a story about is the AV industry. Many years ago, I remember watching this HK movie about the porn industry. I remember it had fun stuff like assistants rocking the bed during filming and this porn actor whose wife and child visited the set. There are lot of of interesting stories to be told about ordinary people working in porn.

Rinko being seeing for the first time what AV is about.

Rinko 18, which is apparently based on a manga is a less realistic but fun romp about an ojousan schoolgirl, Rinko who's parents ran away because of bad debts. She returns home to find everything gone and the house besieged by debt collectors. She ends up sleeping in a park and realises that she has to find work to survive. Rinko has no luck finding work until she find a job ad for an AV company.

She is of course mistaken for an actress and in a told to stand on top of an actor and piss on him to her horror. Luckily for her, the real actress turns up. The boss offers Rinko to live in the office the use of the costumes since Rinko's clothes are gone. What follows are funny scenes of this ojousan learning tricks of the JAV trade such as how to make fake semen using egg whites.

Funny scene with Rinko teaching the actress how to use a less rambo (violent) technique.

We have the final story of Rinko befriending the no.1 AV actress and we have an attempted rape scene. What Rinko 18 has going for it is the novelty of a movie about shooting AV. The storyline elements are pretty bad including the cliched ojousan learning to ride bicycle bit. Its not in the so bad its good category but I had plenty of laughs watching it. Rinko 18 is not subbed but most of it is easily understandable except for one sequence about keeping quiet during shooting.

He certainly puts a lot of effort into mixing the lotion.

Notice the shachou trying out the S&M device at the back, lol.

Rinko giving the actor the fake semen squirting device.

I want to run my own JAV production company when I grow up. :)


Anonymous said...

rinko=pinku.. it rhymes.

aight! i will watch gal circle to see toda erika.

oh by the way. hopefully you'll be santa by providing one of my dreams come true. cast me in one of your JAV productions.

Akiramike said...

You'll need to get some tutelage from Erecto Ohoki from Shinya Shokudo first!

Anonymous said...

I have to ask now, where can I find this?