Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 4 - Love Plus Arcade!!!!

There is a typhoon currently sweeping through Japan which can be a good thing depending on how much wet girls struggling with their umbrellas in crazy strong winds does it for you. Just saw on the news footage from Okinawa of people crouching on the trying not to get blown away by the typhoon. Scary stuff.
Mitsushima Hikari on tv.

Yum, Unagi lunch. The set I ordered was to be eaten ochazuke style, ie scoop rice and unagi onto bowl, pour tea on it and a mix with wasabi and green onions but I found that it gets rid of the unagi taste.

The cause of Japan`s population problem. If you`ve never heard of the game, its a girlfriend sim that came out on the NDS and is very popular for some reason....

One game costs 300 yen and you get to do on a date with the girl of your choice. Do well and you might get another mini game, I mean date.

Somehow I lucked out after crashing and burning on my first date and got this fashion show mini game. :)

The game is touch screen based with two buttons on either side. There`s also a jack for using your own earphones and a card save system.

Janken game where if you win, you need to mash the right buttom quickly to hit her on the head before she can defend herself and if you lose, you need to mash the left button to defend.

Someone doing the wrong thing and whacking her even when he lost.

And your rewards are photos that you take of the girls during the game. You can crop and zoom the pictures and even put the time stamp on it. The only reason I tried this game was for research purposes.
Katsu curry with cheese.


Aarrrr said...

go use sakura at arcade!

Akiramike said...

Tiu, you come with me next year lar.

Rei said...

When next year?
I'm still planning to go take 6 mth language class there.

Will said...

Next year when u start plan let me know.. Now I really wanna go.. :(

Aarrrr said...

save money for the children~