Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 1 - I`m back baby, yeah!

Testing silent camera at Cairns. I can`t believe there`s no option to turn camera silent. I have to download silent camera app and the pictures are worse than the default camera.

The flight to Japan was horribly torturous. The only good thing was there were a lot of Japanese girls at Cairns airport. I think most of the tourists there are Japanese. There was a nice looking gaijin goth loli girl though. She is definitely headed for Harajuku. Next time I need to find a direct flight with no stupid stopover. The plan was only half full which was pretty nice.

Ryu ga gotoku of the End poster in front of Yodobashi. For the fifth time in the series, Haruka gets kidnapped again...

My flight left Melbourne about 6am and I arrived at the backpackers at 9.15pm. The bloody Narita express was delayed because of an `accident`. I was freaking tired but was determined that my first meal in Japan would be Kyushu Jangara Ramen. Put my bags down and back to Akiba I went. Oh yeah, forgot how horrible it is carrying luggage during peak hour train traffic with everyone muscling their way in. On the bright side, there is no way to avoid squishing oneself against females adjacent to you.

Gah, stupid shaky hands. Pretty sure you can make out all the nice juicy pork in the ramen.

After having my only proper meal of the day and I stopped by two kombinis to get soap and shampoo and guess what, they have all sorts of stupid hair products like gatsby and hair colouring but no freaking shampoo. Maybe they did but there were some products that could have been shampoo but I neglected to learn the kanji for it.

The newly renovated Akiba station electric town exit aka 2nd best smoking spot in Akiba. Notice Club Sega on the left side! It had two face to face SSF4AE machines but no card selling machine. gggrrr

My galaxy S gps is worthless. Stupid pieace of Korean tech. First thing tomorrow is to find a supermarket so I can have a proper bath. Tempted to walk into Yodobashi Akiba earlier and get my 3DS but right now I don`t want to add weight because I`ll be doing some travelling. On the other hand, getting a 3DS earlier means I can get more street pass stuff.

Yup, Gundam cafe is still going strong.

One more thing I want to say is I need Rei`s have a camera slung over shoulder and take ninja shot skills. The pretend to play phone while taking photo of cute girl is too difficult to do because you basically have to point your camera higher. I wish I could show the people who decided not to go what they`re missing out but I would need a pair of glasses that can take pictures by mind control. I guess the best way to see how hot girls are in Japan is to come here yourself.


seng said...

I demand you at least attempt ninja shots!
*chants!* ninja shots, ninja shots, ninja shots!
Do it for us poor b@stards back in Melbourne!

Akiramike said...

Imagine you standing in train and you see chick in super high hell, short skirt and stocking all the way up the thighs. By the time finish drooling where got time to whip out phone, swipe screen, push camera, aim and shoot?